What everybody ought to know about Energy

If you’ve ever looked for an iron-clad case that the fossil energy supply is out-of-control, over-the-top destructive –of planet, wildlife, people’s health and culture– then check out¬†Energy, the latest publication of the Post Carbon Institute.

The word “breathtaking” has become cliche when put with “photographs” but here it really applies. You will gasp aloud as you turn each page. (even my teens did) And then you’ll want to show the pictures to more people, because you can’t keep this kind of stuff to yourself. Coal strip mines. Spawling oil fields. Landscape wracked by palm oil plantations. The debris of Fukushima. And of course the BP oil platform going down in flames.

What is a Transition Enterprise?

Thoughts from the UK’s REconomy project: 1)¬†Resilience outcome Will benefit the local community by improving its resilience or wellbeing in some way 2) Low Carbon Minimises carbon emissions and thus contribution to climate change 3) Natural Limits Works within the natural resource (and energy) limits of the planet, including ecosystem services. Works with suppliers that