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Ten years!

ECM Begley  007I’ve just finished up the photo slideshow for Saturday’s 10 year anniversary party at Environmental Change-Makers.  It’s great to see all the changes!

Do you remember when the wall behind the Garden was still white?  Before the sunflower mural?  Do you remember when there was no garden at the corner of 83rd & Dunbarton, when it was still lawn?

Solar Cooking 011 largeDo you remember when the corner of Emerson and 80th Place was still an abandoned weedpatch?  Before there was so much color and life going on there?

Were you there when Ed Begley Jr spoke in Westchester?  Were you part of Seed School?  The Transition trainings?  The event in the style of Joanna Macy?  The solar cooker building workshop?  Cluck Trek?

There are so many lovely memories in these photos!  I hope you can join us to enjoy them!

ECM’s 10th Anniversary Party info