Peter H. Rood

. 1955-2023

Peter Rood in the Community Garden at Holy Nativity, circa Apr 2013

On April 20, 2023, Peter Rood — the co-founder of the Environmental Change-Makers, and the man behind why we have a Community Garden together with a wood-fired bread oven at the Holy Nativity site in Westchester/L.A. — underwent complex heart surgery. He did not make it out of surgery.

Peter was co-founder of the Environmental Change-Makers. He was the pastor at the Holy Nativity church site where we held many ECM events, where we grew a food garden, demonstrated rainwater harvesting, and built a community oven. He was the visionary behind the activities and events, and the inspiration and guide to community-building.

Peter leaves behind three children, 5 grandchildren, a brother in SoCal, and a sister in AZ. His daughter lives here in Westchester with husband and their 2 kids, one son is in Playa Vista with wife and newborn, and the eldest son is in the UK with 2 kids. Peter’s wife Christen passed away a little over 2 years ago.

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