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Solutions to global warming do exist. They are here now. Many are low-tech and low-cost. And they are something that you can be part of.

At I explore grassroots environmental solutions and how they fit into everyday urban life.

The Ecosystems Approach

When you dive deep into “environmental solutions,” you begin to realize that the ones that count (the ones that work) have one thing in common. They all come back to ecosystems – learning about ecosystems, helping restore/rebuild/support ecosystems, and shifting our lifestyles (and our culture) away from the desecration of ecosystems.

No matter where you are on this site – whether it’s a how-to garden booklet, details about change-making projects we’ve created, or a blog post about divestment from fossil fuels – everything here has a unique spin: I’ve created it to reconnect you to ecosystems.

It’s all about living a better life: more fulfilling, more interconnected, more pleasant, AND better for the planet.

What do you want to do?

“I want to be a better gardener.”

“I want to join other local people in projects, events, and change-making.”

“I want to save water.”

“I want to take action on global warming.”

“I want to read heart-warming stories about people who are change-makers.”

There’s more!

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