Dear fellow Earth Citizen who’s worried about global warming:

When you hear the latest scientific report on climate change, does a loud voice inside you yell “OMG we’ve got to DO something!”

And does a tiny voice inside you worry “but I don’t know what to do that would really make a difference.”

I’m with you.  Right now (particularly with James Hansen’s latest report, which calls humanity to reach net zero emissions within the next 40 years or face cataclysmic consequences) the loud voice inside me is screaming, shouting, jumping up and down …

We’ve got to DO something! NOW!

A decade ago I didn’t know what to do, and I didn’t understand how the actions of small grassroots people could make a difference.  But I started learning.  And doing.  And practicing.  And changing my habits.  My life today is very different from what it was back then!

I want to help you learn and do and practice.  I want to help you change your habits too.  I want to help you make a real and meaningful difference in global warming.  That’s why I’m creating ClimateSolvr.

ClimateSolvr is a program that connects you with grassroots climate solutions:  Learn about them.  Try them on for size.  Practice them.  Integrate them as new habits within your life.  Connect with others who are doing this too.

You could say that ClimateSolvr is a habit-forming tool for changing to low-carbon lifestyle habits.  It helps you form habits in your life: post-carbon, post-petroleum lifestyle habits.  As you use it, you really and truly decrease your carbon emissions.

It’s habit-forming in that it connects you to the good stuff: the heart and soul of the post-carbon future.  And right now, we each need to feel this connection, feel the pull in this direction.

Initially, ClimateSolvr was going to be a smartphone app.  But the Hansen report says I can’t wait – the world needs to get going on this right away. Even while I’m still putting the finishing touches on my original project.

So right now, for a limited time, you can TRY OUT the low-carbon tips that will be in the ClimateSolvr smartphone app.  You can try them via email.

ClimateSolvr 1.0 – what you’ll get

ClimateSolvr 1.0 brings you a series of 30 habit-forming weekly emails, about 7 months worth.  Each week, every Friday morning between Earth Day and Thanksgiving 2016, you’ll get new ideas: what you can do about global warming.

These are things you can do right now, today, in your immediate life.  You’ll get tips on all sorts of topics, including food, health, community, transportation, stuff/consumerism, work, money/economics, and change-of-heart.  These are tips that relate specifically to global warming.  Even if you’re already a veteran to greening your life, I guarantee you haven’t done all of these things!

ClimateSolvr also brings you habit reinforcement.  It’s easy to get bogged down in mainstream lifestyles and forget to do the things that really count.  ClimateSolvr’s weekly presence is a reminder service that world change is happening, and you need to be a part of it.

With ClimateSolvr, you’ll get a weekly stream of positive inspiration.  True, it’s about cutting carbon emissions.  But on the flip side, change is about building a post-carbon lifestyle, a lifestyle that brings you joy and connection and satisfaction.

You’ll get the knowledge that plenty of other people are doing this too.  And you can form connections with them through social media, and you can bring your friends and family along with this too.

Plus, if you choose, you can help collaborate in the smartphone app version.  Any feedback you choose to send about ClimateSolvr 1.0 will be taken very seriously as I put the final touches on the app.  Your comments really make a difference!

Keep in mind that the tips in ClimateSolvr aren’t mere “ideas.”  Every time you do one of these things, it’s world-changing: you’ll be actually reducing your carbon emissions.

And, put all together, these things mean something even bigger:  hope.  Yes, it’s a fluttery, elusive emotion within a world that’s coping with climate change.  But it’s very real.  And possible.  And it can be yours.

How much does it cost?

Eventually, the ClimateSolvr smartphone app will cost money (Yes, even as a change-maker, I’d like to make a living wage.)  But I’m releasing ClimateSolvr 1.0, the email version, on a “gift economy” basis: You decide how much it’s worth.


Maybe you decide it’s worth $5.  Just send me a gift via PayPal.  Maybe you love the idea and think it’s SOOOO important for things like this to be out in the world, you really want to support this work, so you send me $25. or $50.  Wow, thanks!  (Or maybe you get into the content and your opinion is “meh” – hopefully you’ll send me $1. for trying.)

But you can try it out for free, before you send me anything at all.  You can subscribe to ClimateSolvr 1.0, and get low-carbon tips for nothing at all if you choose (but I do hope you’ll give me a little something).

Ok already, what do I do?

First, you subscribe to ClimateSolvr.  The automated system should (fairly immediately) send you a piece I wrote about grassroots change that you can read while you’re waiting for the real fun to begin.

climatesolvr button 1

Starting on Earth Day 2016 (Friday April 22), you will get your first ClimateSolvr tip.  I’ll pick it at random for you.  Yes, everybody will get the same one, so you can talk with your friends about it.

Each Friday you’ll get another one.

There’s no risk: You don’t have to pay up front, and if you get into it and don’t like it, you can unsubscribe at any time.

Have you signed up yet?

climatesolvr button 2

You can share this

I said you can try ClimateSolvr for free.  You can also share it for free.  As in: you like one of my tips, you can forward it to your friend.  And your friend can join in for free.  No copyrights, no strings attached, nothing.

Yes, I have a secret agenda here (I guess not-so-secret since I’m about to tell you it!):  The world needs more of this stuff.  A whole lot more of this stuff.  You can read my longer piece about grassroots action versus top down action on global warming, but it boils down to this: the tips in ClimateSolvr are the kind of stuff we’re all going to be doing.  As we reach for net-zero emissions, eventually, we’re all gonna be doing ALL of this stuff.

So, let’s get the party started.  In as big a way as is possible.  And that means sharing.

Now, I know a lot of people, and I have a lot of people on my email list and social media contacts.  But I don’t know enough people.  And you don’t know enough people.  But you know plenty of people whom I don’t know.  And they know plenty of people that you don’t know.  And that’s how these ideas spread and catch like wildfire.

That’s how grassroots action on global warming gets really powerful.

And it all starts with that one little thing:  sharing.  (so please share this!) (yes, that means right now. I’ll wait.) (Go tell your friend: “wow, you’ve got to see this!  you’ve got to do this with me!”)

Oh, the technical details

Here it is, all in a nice table, for people who like things in tables. (I’ll confess: I like tables.)  When you subscribe to ClimateSolvr, here’s what you get:

climatesolvr features table

More questions?  Check out the ClimateSolvr FAQ page

So let’s get started!

As the scientific reports about global warming get more and more serious, I hope you’ll join me in DOING something.  I hope you’ll join me in shifting your lifestyle to low-carbon habits.

I believe ClimateSolvr can help you with that.

Thanks for your caring, action, and support!  — Joanne P.

p.s. Remember, the tips begin on Earth Day (April 22, 2016), so subscribe now so you don’t miss anything!

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