WCO gf pizza 4It’s no secret that we built a community-scale wood-fired bread-and-pizza oven here in Los Angeles.  And that we hold monthly Community Bake events in conjunction with Los Angeles Bread Bakers so that anyone can try their hand at baking in it.

But … what if you’re gluten-free?  Does that count you out?

After years of serious gluten-free living, I eased up a bit (and the monthly presence of totally-awesome artisan baked goods in my life has certainly had a lot to do with it), but I really want to get back to it.  Or at least closer.  Meanwhile we have these monthly baking events and I can’t bear to not participate.

I hopped on the ole Google and learned that there are plenty of people out there trying gluten-free pizza crusts.  Not that many are using a wood-fired oven, but a few are using an outdoor grill.  Thus begins the challenge, which will likely take me all summer to resolve:

How do you make a totally awesome gluten-free pizza in a wood-fired oven? – not just any pizza, but one that’s so awesome that artisan bakers are impressed by it… Continue Reading

Abundant Harvests - garden info

It’s easy to get seed from your vegetables.  Just let Nature do her thing.

It’s a little bit more challenging to be sure that you’re getting the kinds of seeds you want.  Plants (kinda like outdoor cats) make offspring quite willingly, with any other plant that will participate.

In a small garden, one really easy simple trick is to grow one variety of each species.  You’ll get lots of diversity in your food and nutrition, and you’ll get a much greater assurance of growing good seeds.

Here’s the “Seedsaving without worries” handout (pdf) that I wrote for this weekend’s talk at the Seed Library of Los Angeles (SLOLA).  It has slightly different content than this post. Continue Reading

Community events in Westchester

beneficial_insect_attracting_flowers2Water is an issue in our Southern California gardens, this year like so many others.

While many people will continue to debate “which takes more water, a lawn or a vegetable garden?” in today’s world we need vegetable gardens for many other reasons.

Your vegetable garden can yield abundant organic veggies, shade your home with productive fruit trees, provide homes for pollinating insects, sequester CO2, beautify your home, and provide countless hours of satisfaction and contentment … all while making the most of every drop of water.  A vegetable garden that is designed for Water Wisdom will certainly save water over a wasteful, evaporative lawn. Continue Reading