Positive Environmental News

Positive environmental news: Meuse river

“Driving the length of the restored river – which runs from Maastricht to Roosteren – is like being in a time capsule. Some of the older sections of the project, further upstream, are already thronging with life. Borgharen, an area which has been farmed since at least Roman times, was one of the first sites to be let go. Dozens of sand martens are speeding into the cliff by the river to feed their chicks; there are blackcaps, stonechats, skylarks and swallows in the sky. …”

seeking a lovely, uplifting story to read? try this one https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2022/sep/20/dutch-rewilding-project-turns-back-the-clock-500-years-aoe

Then check out what Metabolic Studio is doing along a short stretch of the L.A. river:

  • the planning process https://metabolicstudio.org/bending-the-river
  • early photos https://www.instagram.com/metabolicstudio/