What We Can Do

Here’s where you can access all the “What We Can Do” project content, to read the series in order.

Eventually this will be pulled together as an ebook, but for now here’s where you can link to all the contents that are currently available. (I’ll be posting more over time.)

Section 1: Know your Story

Section 2: Understand the Problems

Section 3: Strive for Energy Descent

Section 4: Fit into the Ecosystem of Solutions

  • What is an ecosystem?
  • Systems thinking
  • Strategies and general tools
    • 3 types of action — Joanna Macy
    • Resilience
    • Adaptation versus mitigation
    • Nonlinearity — adrienne maree brown
    • The Amoeba of Cultural Change — Alan AtKisson
  • (additional content to come)

Section 5: Top-down solutions

  • (additional content to come)

Section 6: Community or grassroots solutions

  • (additional content to come)

Section 7: Economic solutions

Section 8: Individual or personal solutions

Section 9: Use Discernment to evaluate

Section 10: Embrace your Superpowers

  • (additional content to come)

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