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Are you prepared for El Niño?

dramatic3Looking for guidance on what to do to get ready for the Godzilla El Niño storms?  If you missed our workshop last weekend, here are other places to get the info…

Here’s an Introduction to rainwater harvesting (“Water waste or water savings – which are you planning for?”)

When it comes to Rainwater Harvesting, I tend to think of two broad categories:

(1) Capture & store devices – storing water on your property

(2) Infiltration – making it possible for the water to soak into the ground

  • soaking it into the ground
  • replenishes groundwater basins beneath the city
  • for everyone’s future use
  • permeable surfaces / Infiltration features
  • infiltration (“Are you ready for rain?”)
  • dig infiltration pits now

No matter which kind of rainwater harvesting you select, make sure you plan for overflow.  If we get too much water for your system, where will it go?  Make sure you build a non-destructive escape route for the excess.

Other things you should do:


  • Check your roof.  Make repairs NOW, don’t wait.
  • Paint exterior wood, check window caulking
  • TURN OFF SPRINKLERS, possibly until spring!
  • store emergency materials
  • be prepared for electricity outages
  • car: new tires, wipers, battery, headlights. learn how to drive in heavy rain.
  • consider buying flood insurance
  • have a family evacuation plan in place, that all your family members know about

More resources: