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Comprehensive climate action

Government alone cannot do it.  There are plenty of cries to political entities to “do something about global warming.”

Yes, it is important for government to impose carbon limits — to drive home the seriousness of a unified effort.  To give us all a collective goal to strive toward.  And to rein in the huge corporations, without which this never will succeed, and over which we locals have very little power.

But at the same time as we ask government officials to take action on global warming, we must completely transform our lifestyles.  

Particularly here in North America and other developed countries, we must make the change. (why?)  Government will only react when citizens lead the way.  And corporations will only react when consumers shift their demands.

So, there is plenty that we can do, plenty that we have to do.  That’s why I’m launching a series on #climateaction about what we can do, at the grassroots level, in our individual lives, our family conversations, and our community groups.

Top-down AND bottom-up.  It takes both to make the change.