Global warming ACTION smartphone app

climate appWhat if there were a smartphone app that helped you adopt low-carbon lifestyles?

What if your phone reminded you with fun little tips each day … and nudged you toward greening your lifestyle and lowering your carbon footprint?

One of the hardest things about greening our lifestyles is that we need habit change.  Habit change can be hard, because – well – we’re already in the habit of doing things the old way.

Join people around the world calling for climate action

parisshoesThousands of people are marching this weekend in cities everywhere to call for climate action at this coming week’s Paris negotiations.  The photos are now streaming in from around the world. (Check or the #climatemarch hashtag)

In Paris — where police shut down the planned march because of the recent terrorism — people made sure their voices were still heard, in beautiful fashion.  At dawn, thousands of people lined up their shoes, so that their shoes marched when they could not.  And they formed a human chain throughout the city.

Don’t you wish you could join them?

Comprehensive climate action

Government alone cannot do it.  There are plenty of cries to political entities to “do something about global warming.”

Yes, it is important for government to impose carbon limits — to drive home the seriousness of a unified effort.  To give us all a collective goal to strive toward.  And to rein in the huge corporations, without which this never will succeed, and over which we locals have very little power.

But at the same time as we ask government officials to take action on global warming, we must completely transform our lifestyles.