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Thought for the day

Here are two truths: To some of us, much of the time, it feels exceedingly unlikely that humans will survive this — yet it’s a simple fact that if we respond robustly, we can survive this. Despair is an accurate reflection of the peril we face, but it isn’t a predictor of the future; it’s devastatingly nearsighted. To see beyond what despair sees — to move from the feeling toward the possibility — calls for things we have in abundance: love, imagination, and a willingness to simply tend the world as best we can, without guarantee of success. Any one of these can get us started.

— Emily N Johnston

from “Loving a Vanishing World,” p. 259 of Johnson, A. E., & Wilkinson, K. K. (2020). All We Can Save: Truth, Courage, and Solutions for the Climate Crisis (Illustrated ed.). New York, New York: One World.

emphasis added