Climate solutions

  • Climate solutions

    How to make thermal drapes

    The heat wave this past week really got to me. We don’t have air conditioning in our home, and even if we did, it would be great to insulate our windows to reduce the load on the a/c units and…

  • Climate solutions

    Sustainable meat production

    Living more sustainably doesn’t necessarily have to mean going meatless. I just finished reading the beautifully written Gaining Ground by market farmer Forrest Pritchard.  It is a lovely story about rebuilding local foodsheds and knowing the people who produce your food.…

  • Climate solutions

    The power of buying local food

    “Buy Local.”  Why do we keep saying that? Why is it important? What does it accomplish? How: Buy your food from the most local producers you can find.  For instance my farmers’ market often features vendors as close to L.A. as Moorpark,…