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It’s the secret that nobody talks about: In order to make a big difference in global warming, we need to make big changes in the way we live.

Making big changes can be hard, because we’re in the habit of doing things the old way.

The idea behind ClimateSolvr is to help you form new habits. Each ClimateSolvr tip eases you gently toward lifestyle patterns which are more respectful, less damaging to the earth. You’ll be adopting low-carbon lifestyle habits which are more harmonious with the earth, and gradually decrease consumption. ClimateSolvr leads you step-by-step into the post-petroleum future.

ClimateSolvr has something for everybody. If you’re new to greening your lifestyle, you’ll find easy-to-access, basic tips to get started. If you’re a veteran at green, we’ll bet you haven’t covered ALL the easy things, because even we are still working on it! ClimateSolvr will challenge you to deeper levels of change.

We hope you’ll share ClimateSolvr tips on social media. You can comment on your experiences with the tip of the day, and invite your friends to play along — because when the subject is lifestyle change to slow global warming, it really is about getting everyone to play the game. Especially when that game is ClimateSolvr — the lifestyle habits that create very real world change.

Solutions to global warming exist, they are here now, and many are low-tech, low-cost, and grassroots. With ClimateSolvr you can participate, starting today.

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