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Breathe in the gap

There’s a significant gap between the direction of contemporary society, and ecologically-sound lifestyle habits. Take a deep breath and begin to reconnect with true reality.

Why this is important

The mainstream consumerist world zooms along in its frenzied more-more-more track, churning more-more-more environmental devastation. Meanwhile, some people label earth-wiser lifestyles as “out of touch with reality.”

It’s important to remember: the ecosystems of the planet and the basic laws of physics are reality.

It is the more-more-more artificial craziness that has gotten completely out-of-touch!

When we get out of touch with life-sustaining ecosystems – true reality – we get confused about direction. It becomes very difficult to do what it takes to reduce global warming pollution. It becomes very difficult to adjust our levels of consumption to something more in line with what the ecosystems of the planet can sustain.

We need to reconnect with true reality on a regular basis.

What you can do

Sometime today, find a place with a little bit of nature. If you’re lucky, maybe you can take a walk in nature. If all you can find is a potted plant, or a strip of landscaping along the sidewalk, that will do too.

In the presence of that little bit of nature, take a deep breath. And another.

Consider Nature – the growing plants, the sunshine, the water, the soil – and the amazing way they all work together to support Life. Your life.

Breathe. Breathe in Life.

This is reality. Breathe it in.

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