Food from a Flowerpot

Food from a Flowerpot
eBook: $3.99
Series: Abundant Harvests, Book 9
Genres: ebook, nonfiction, organic gardening
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Format: ebook or paperback booklet
Length: 36 pages

Yes, you can have a garden even if you live in a rental or a condo.

About the Book

YES! You can grow plenty of food in flowerpots on your patio or balcony~

Soil-building, water-wisdom, design ideas, all adapted specifically to flowerpot gardening.

If you are gardening on a patio, balcony, stairwell, this is for you!

Our Abundant Harvests series is rooted in more than a decade of experience in high-yield urban vegetable gardens in Southern California’s unique year-round growing season.

Table of Contents

  • Pots – What type of pot
  • Soil and ecosystems
  • Fertilizer vs. fertility
  • Manufacturing microclimates
  • Plants – What can you grow in a flowerpot
  • Water – Watering container plants
  • Expanding your food supply

Paperback version available through my Etsy store

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