Your Community Garden: Tips for Success

Your Community Garden: Tips for Success
Series: Abundant Harvests, Book 15
Genres: community-building, nonfiction, organic gardening
Publication Year: 2013
Format: ebook (pdf)
Length: 33 page booklet

Here are Best Practices for planning the "community" part of your garden

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About the Book

Have you ever asked “How do I find volunteers for a church garden?” or “How do I run a school garden?” When people come to visit the Community Garden at Holy Nativity and ask for advice, this is what we share.

This booklet addresses four different types of “community garden” (traditional plot-style, school garden, church/temple garden, cooperative garden), which are distinguished by who does the work, who gets the food, and who are the stakeholders.

This booklet covers “Best Practices” as you organize or maintain a community garden. It addresses building a community garden, “people” dynamics in the garden, how to find community garden volunteers, funding the garden construction, getting approvals, writing agreements, and more.

It answers questions like
> How do I build a church garden?
> How do I maintain a church garden?
> How do I find volunteers for a school garden?
> How to make community gardens sustainable

paperback booklet, 33 pages

Paperback booklet available through Etsy shop

Table of Contents:

  • The power of partnership
  • Why grow food?
  • What is a “community garden”? – Four types of gardens
  • How to bring bring Community into your garden – How to tap into knowledge and volunteers
  • What works, in creating a community garden?
  • Budgets: Dollars and sense
  • Where can I learn more about community gardens
  • Where can I learn more about vegetable gardening in Southern California
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