Garden Planner and Journal, 2022

Garden Planner and Journal, 2022

What do you plant, when, to get year-round harvests? How do you become a better gardener, overall?

This Planner shows you what vegetables to plant when, to maximize Southern California's year-round growing season. The Journal portion guides your garden observations with reflective questions, so you get to know your garden intimately. Includes planting-by-the-moon dates, cool-season/warm-season garden planning, plus tips for building living soil.

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About the Book

A monthly Planner with planting tips specifically for year-round growing seasons like Southern California’s. The Journal includes guided observation questions which enrich your garden knowledge.

What you’ll get

  • what to plant when, so you make the most of year-round growing seasons like Southern California
  • plant recommendations listed by companion-planting guild, so they align with your crop rotation plan
  • monthly journal space for you to write on, with guided observation questions
  • planting by the moon dates cover 13 months, December 2021 to December 2022
  • garden planning section for warm season and cool season
  • written by me, Joanne Poyourow, vegetable garden manager for 11 years, designer of 2 community gardens, growing veggies in L.A. for 20+ years
  • aligns with other Change-Making products, like the Vegetable Crop Rotation Wheel, best practices from The Secrets of Soil Building and Urban Seed Saving, and the free VegGardens365 app

The nitty-gritty:

  • 36-page paperback booklet
  • handy 5.5” x 8.5” size
  • analog, intentionally, so you don’t get lost in digital world, so you stay connected to garden and nature observations

You’ll gain

  • a complete garden planning resource
  • customized to year-round growing seasons like Southern California
  • planting plan for each month
  • guided observation questions, which create a “harvest arc” so you’ll discover what is yielding when – key to harvesting every month of the year!
  • one place for your cumulative observations about your own garden space – the best way to increase your gardening success!

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Series: Abundant Harvests
Genre: organic gardening
Tags: garden journal, garden planner
Publication Year: 2021
Format: stapled booklet
Length: 36 pages
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