When You Don’t Have Any Land

When You Don’t Have Any Land
Series: Abundant Harvests, Book 14
Genres: nonfiction, organic gardening
Tag: booklet
Publication Year: 2016
Format: booklet
Length: 22 pages
About the Book

Do you love the idea of vegetable gardening and edible landscaping? Do you wish you could partiicpate – if only you had access to land?

If land is your problem (inadequate space, an unwilling landlord, whatever) then “When you don’t have any land” is especially for you!

Localizing our food supply and growing whatever we can is an enormous global warming solution. It builds local food production and resilience. And it’s really grounding. It reconnects us – body, heart and soul – to the earth and her ecosystems. It feels so good!

So let’s get growing already!

“When you don’t have any land” gives you more than a dozen tested ways to access land for food production. I’ve tried a lot of these, or I know people who use them to great advantage. That’s why I put them together in this booklet to help you.

Table of Contents

  • Growing food on land that is not yours
  • Legal ways to access land
  • Possibly-legal ways to access land
  • Covert ways to grow food
  • Undesirable land
  • Coordinated public food
  • Getting started

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