Places to learn about seed saving

An online booklet to get you started (more cool stuff from them ) A beautiful YouTube about seeds and genetic heritage A graphic that explains F1 hybrids and why so few will breed true. At my seed class they quoted 8% as the amount that breed true, and they did not

Watering the Garden

In the Community Garden at 83rd & Dunbarton, we use what we call “the one finger test.” That means you take your finger and stick it into the garden soil – about one inch down into the soil. The soil down there should feel moist, like a wrung-out sponge. If the soil feels moist, your

What is a Transition Enterprise?

Thoughts from the UK’s REconomy project: 1)┬áResilience outcome Will benefit the local community by improving its resilience or wellbeing in some way 2) Low Carbon Minimises carbon emissions and thus contribution to climate change 3) Natural Limits Works within the natural resource (and energy) limits of the planet, including ecosystem services. Works with suppliers that