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Why ECM is indifferent to traditional politics

Sometimes a few paragraphs from an article seem to bolt off the screen at you.

A section from an article by Kurt Cobb summed up nicely why ECM isn’t into traditional politics.  Why, since ECM’s inception, we have made every effort to avoid talking about “democrats” or “republicans.”  

Writing about sustainability, Kurt Cobb said: “Think about how deeply conservative that principle is. And, here I mean conservative in what has become an almost archaic sense of the word, that is, to conserve those practices and attitudes which have proven themselves truly sustainable over the ages.

“What passes for conservative today is actually a radical political and economic agenda to strip the world of its resources as quickly as possible and turn them into wealth for a small elite. There is absolutely nothing conservative about this program.

“But even those who style themselves liberal are typically only a few steps behind their pseudoconservative adversaries. Many of the world’s progressives essentially believe that we should strip the world of its resources as well, only at a more measured rate while sharing the spoils more equitably. Both ways of thinking, however, have modern human society racing toward destruction. And, political liberals–who congratulate themselves for being open to the newest trends–may be even more susceptible to new technologies and methods that come with large hidden costs.”

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