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What you can do about the environment right now

Right to peaceably assemble by Joanne Vana Poyourow 1979
Right to peaceably assemble by Joanne Vana Poyourow 1979

ECM has long been a source of positive environmental news and proactive solutions — about many environmental news, but particularly about global warming.

Right now, this week, is a disheartening time for those who care deeply about our environment and human survival. But I encourage you to tap into what you CAN do…


(while you still can) Right now, protest rallies and marches are happening on a regular basis. Tune in to your favorite cause – be that climate, noDAPL, Flint water, immigration, voters rights, BlackLivesMatter, gun control, anything that is threatened. And participate in physical rallies whenever you can spare the time. 


Phone calls and letterwriting campaigns COUNT to politicians (emails, social media, and online petitions not so much). Contact the career politicians – such as your US senator, US House of Representatives – because they will worry about their ongoing game face beyond this particular four years. Keep it short, polite, direct (mention a specific piece of legislation if you can), and contact them often.


Understand how our free speech and freedom to peaceably assemble and Bill of Rights are being systematically dismantled. This is how dictatorships are formed: one step at a time. You are witnessing a take-down of democracy at the point at which you can help fight it.



Tell everyone you know how to show up, call and write, and learn. Take pride in becoming someone with a reputation for sharing high-quality, useful, can-do information.


and through it all … TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF

The image in this post is a poster that I painted in 1979. Little did I know what lay ahead in my life. Please join me in fighting for that which we hold dear and precious: a liveable environment, our American rights, our children’s future.

Joanne P

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