Creating social change

Are you taking care of the Resistance?

You are one of the most precious assets we have. And by “we” I mean people who view a healthy environment, human rights, and a positive legacy for future generations as a moral obligation.

These current political times demand activism for the long haul. That means we must tag-team, each of us taking our turn in the marches and demonstrations – which unfortunately may be our constant mode of operation for the next 4-8 years.

The fight for these meaningful goals for the long haul means we must take care of ourselves and each other.

Here are some great suggestions on how to do that:

Meanwhile, limit your time on social media – Facebook etc will only get you more unproductively-irate. Instead, create a social media “diet,” perhaps even resorting to a free media blocker.

  • On my desktop, I use StayFocusd website blocker in Chrome and program it to block during my working/writing times.
  • On her Android phone, my teen daughter uses AppBlock (GoogleStore) and programs it to block during homework hours.


When you do hear about an issue which makes you furious, rather than merely raging to friends (which gets both them and you unproductively-irate), write to your political representatives who have the power to use checks and balances to curb injustice. Make a difference.


YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Attend gatherings of like-minded people to feel the love, feel the unity, and give the love.  Save the dates:


The Arts have long been an outlet for people’s passions and feelings ad expression. What is your art? Painting? Sculpture? Knitting? Poetry? Novel writing?

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