Gluten-free Pizza options for wood-fired oven

WCO gf pizza 4It’s no secret that we built a community-scale wood-fired bread-and-pizza oven here in Los Angeles.  And that we hold monthly Community Bake events in conjunction with Los Angeles Bread Bakers so that anyone can try their hand at baking in it.

But … what if you’re gluten-free?  Does that count you out?

After years of serious gluten-free living, I eased up a bit (and the monthly presence of totally-awesome artisan baked goods in my life has certainly had a lot to do with it), but I really want to get back to it.  Or at least closer.  Meanwhile we have these monthly baking events and I can’t bear to not participate.

I hopped on the ole Google and learned that there are plenty of people out there trying gluten-free pizza crusts.  Not that many are using a wood-fired oven, but a few are using an outdoor grill.  Thus begins the challenge, which will likely take me all summer to resolve:

How do you make a totally awesome gluten-free pizza in a wood-fired oven? – not just any pizza, but one that’s so awesome that artisan bakers are impressed by it…

Adobe Brick-making Success!

Adobe Brick Making at the Community Garden at Holy Nativity, May 2015

Adobe Brick Making at the Community Garden at Holy Nativity, May 2015

This past Saturday, we had LOTS of fun making adobe bricks at the Community Garden.

Kids, both small and tall, got to experience squishy-squashy mud.  It is so tactile and cool and smooth, and once you start, you just can’t get enough of it!

Cob Oven workshop – June 6,7,13,14

Earthen ovens are cheap to build, fun to use, and provide a baking environment that is impossible to recreate in the kitchen.

Ben Loescher will conduct a 4-day hands-on workshop this June, to teach you how to make your own earthen oven. Ben has built dozens of these ovens, and has great expertise in both adobe construction and earthen plasters and finishes. You will leave the class with the knowledge necessary to build an oven of your own, with materials that you may already have in your yard.

It’s part of the Westchester Community Oven project. The 4-day class is suitable for bakers, building professionals and do-it-your-selfers, and is a great introduction to the adobe construction and earthen plasters (which are covered in more depth in AdobeIsNotSoftware’s other classes).