Enviro Change-Makers community

Wish Bricks

Make a wish.

Write it down.

Put it into an adobe brick.

The community will gather around your wish, for years to come.

Here’s how …

Wish bricks.  You can put your personal wish inside one of the adobe bricks that we’re making to build the Westchester Community Oven.  It’s a hand-built-by-the-community kind of project, which will craft a bread-and-pizza oven for community use.

And your special wish can help support the project.  Here’s how:

  1. Write your wish on an 8.5″ x .75″ strip of paper (long and skinny).
  2. Snail-mail or hand-deliver the wish to us at Environmental Change-Makers. (Environmental Change-Makers, 6700 West 83rd, Los Angeles, CA 90045)
  3. Include your check for $10 per wish.
  4. You do not need to be present at the Adobe brickbuilding workshops to do the wishes part.
  5. Electronic submissions:  yeah, we know, it kinda lacks the personal touch.  but do you know what we will do for you?  Send us your wish electronically, and we will hand-write it onto a slip of paper and insert it into an adobe brick on your behalf.  (Scroll to bottom of this post for PayPal button)

All funds will go toward supplies to build the oven or the garden which surrounds it.


  • batch #1 – wishes must be to us by 9am Saturday May 9
  • batch #2 – wishes must be to us by 9am Saturday May 16
  • batch #3 – wishes must be to us by 9am Saturday June 6 (these ones will go into the oven base)

Electronic Wishes

To submit wishes electronically, follow the PayPal instructions below.  PayPal should provide a text box to write your wish into.