Community events in Westchester,  Enviro Change-Makers community

Asphalt Demolition Party – April 25

What’s your opinion about asphalt, really?  Wouldn’t you love to be there as nearly 1000square foot of it meets its demise?

Too much stress at work, or school?  Frustrated with insufficient action on political issues? Wouldn’t you love to take out your frustrations on some lowly asphalt?

On Saturday, April 25, we’ll be removing asphalt to make way for the new Westchester Community Oven.  And we’re going to make it a party!

Even if you’re not in physical condition to swing a pickaxe, we still need your help.  There are other projects you can work on, plus being an enthusiastic cheering section for the people who are wielding the heavy tools.

Asphalt Demolition Party
Saturday April 25, 9am-1pm
Community Garden at Holy Nativity (southwest/blacktop portion of site)
6700 W. 83rd, LA 90045

RSVP helpful so we plan enough food