Community events in Westchester

Cob Oven workshop – June 6,7,13,14

Earthen ovens are cheap to build, fun to use, and provide a baking environment that is impossible to recreate in the kitchen.

Ben Loescher will conduct a 4-day hands-on workshop this June, to teach you how to make your own earthen oven. Ben has built dozens of these ovens, and has great expertise in both adobe construction and earthen plasters and finishes. You will leave the class with the knowledge necessary to build an oven of your own, with materials that you may already have in your yard.

It’s part of the Westchester Community Oven project. The 4-day class is suitable for bakers, building professionals and do-it-your-selfers, and is a great introduction to the adobe construction and earthen plasters (which are covered in more depth in AdobeIsNotSoftware’s other classes).

What Will I Learn?

  • Local considerations and the siting for your earthen oven
  • Soil and material selection, sourcing and testing
  • Foundations and oven base design and materials
  • Sizing
  • Sand Form and Oven Domes
  • Natural oven plasters and finishes
  • Firing and baking in your oven

More information about the Westchester Community Oven project


Ben Loescher is a licensed architect, principal of Loescher Meachem Architects, and founder of AdobeIsNotSoftware, an organization which was founded in 2009 to inform, enable and advance adobe construction in California, and educate the public in the building and conservation of adobe structures.

The 4-session June workshop is a cob oven or earthen oven workshop. For classes which cover the topics that are essential to building an inhabitable structure out of cob, please see other offerings at AdobeIsNotSoftware.

The 4-day Cob Oven workshop will be June 6,7,13,14. On the two Saturdays, hours will be 9am-4pm. On the two Sundays, hours will be 1pm-4pm.

Tuition & Registration

Early-bird tuition for the 4-day Cob Oven workshop (June 6,7,13,14) is only $175. If you register after May 15, tuition is $200. Spaces are extremely limited. Pre-Registration is mandatory.  First come, first served, and you are not “registered” until we have received your check or PayPal.  Thank you for your understanding.


Coffee and nibbles will be provided at the beginning of each day.  Please bring your own lunch.

This will be a hands-on, get-dirty workshop. Please wear clothes that you don’t mind getting really muddy, wear closed-toed shoes, and bring sun protection.


The workshop series will be conducted at the Community Garden at Holy Nativity, 6700 W. 83rd Street, in the Westchester area of Los Angeles (90045). It is hosted by the Environmental Change-Makers.

More information about the Westchester Community Oven project