Why we’re hosting speakers on death and dying

Over this past year, Peter and I have each separately had someone very close to us encounter end-of-life issues that didn’t necessarily go the way the person would have liked. If the families had known more, or had been better prepared, things might have gone much differently.

In our culture, it isn’t comfortable to talk about death and dying. Typically the family members who are losing a loved one feel very alone, and there are few places to turn for the answers we crave. We’d like to change that.

The Change-Making Manifesto

ChangeMaking ManifestoWhat is Change-Making all about?

Change-Making is passionately creating positive change.  It’s an onging and forever project, because there is simply so much that needs repair and nurturing.  That means there’s an element of long-term commitment.  But then, what else better to do with our lifetimes?

Change-Making is far too big to do on our own.  Thus it is predicated on trust.  Trust that if you take a deep-breath leap, others will see you and follow.  Trust that there are millions and millions of other change-makers out there, most of whom we will never know or hear about, who also are passionately creating positive change.

OvenMaster Training

IMG_20150709_161242There are baking skills and there are fire skills.

Los Angeles Bread Bakers will soon be scheduling baking classes at the new Westchester Community Oven.  (And we’ll have a public “grand opening” celebration sometime in September).  But for fire skills, we are offering the OvenMaster Training.

The OvenMaster Training will eventually be offered several times per year, but we will soon be offering the very first one.

[note: the July 26 date previously published has been CANCELLED.  Due to damp weather, the oven is not dry enough to bring up to full baking temperature yet.]

In the OvenMaster Training, you can learn about fire-building with the goal of baking; good wood; use of oven tools; fire safety; crowd management; community oven procedures; site procedures, and other fire-related aspects of the Westchester Community Oven.

Asphalt Demolition Party – April 25

What’s your opinion about asphalt, really?  Wouldn’t you love to be there as nearly 1000square foot of it meets its demise?

Too much stress at work, or school?  Frustrated with insufficient action on political issues? Wouldn’t you love to take out your frustrations on some lowly asphalt?

On Saturday, April 25, we’ll be removing asphalt to make way for the new Westchester Community Oven.  And we’re going to make it a party!

Cob Oven workshop – June 6,7,13,14

Earthen ovens are cheap to build, fun to use, and provide a baking environment that is impossible to recreate in the kitchen.

Ben Loescher will conduct a 4-day hands-on workshop this June, to teach you how to make your own earthen oven. Ben has built dozens of these ovens, and has great expertise in both adobe construction and earthen plasters and finishes. You will leave the class with the knowledge necessary to build an oven of your own, with materials that you may already have in your yard.

It’s part of the Westchester Community Oven project. The 4-day class is suitable for bakers, building professionals and do-it-your-selfers, and is a great introduction to the adobe construction and earthen plasters (which are covered in more depth in AdobeIsNotSoftware’s other classes).

Adobe Brickmaking hands-on workshop – May 9, May 16

This Earth Day, get in touch with Adobe.  California schoolchildren learn about it in 4th grade when they study the Missions.  But did you know it’s part of the cutting edge of sustainable architecture and building with local materials.

On May 9 or May 16, get your hands muddy and have a lot of fun as we make Adobe Bricks to be used in building the Community Bread Oven.

This hands-on, get messy workshop is free and open to ALL AGES, and we are told by veteran adobe makers that grade-school children are REALLY GOOD AT IT!  So please bring your whole family for head-to-toes fun learning!

Charles Eisenstein – Sacred Activism – March 21

Charles Eisenstein — visionary, philosopher, social critic, and author — is coming to L.A. this month!

Eisenstein’s latest book is The More Beautiful World our Hearts Know is Possible.  In it he sagely describes the emotional, social, civilization-wide “between” that is transition.  It’s the space between the old (worn-out, flawed, unfilfilling and unfulfillable) story, and the new Story of Interconnection.

Charles Eisenstein has long been associated with the ideas of the gift economy.  You may recognize him from his previous book, Sacred Economics, which was equally ground-breaking in its approach.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear his wisdom.