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VegGarden365 app

How do you know what to plant when?

Here in Southern California we have a year-round growing season.  But that doesn’t mean super-delicious tomatoes every day of the year.  Rather, it means working with the seasons — warm, hot, and cool — to grow the right plants at the right times.

And that “right time” for Southern California often isn’t what they printed on the commercial seed packet (especially for peas).  You have to ignore the seed packet instructions, and use local resources.  That’s where our VegGarden 365 Smartphone app comes in.

VegGarden365 is a FREE gardening app that tells you what vegetable to plant when.  You can look things up by month (“It’s January. What should I plant?”) or you can look things up by plant (“When should I plant kale?)

The app also gives you plant spacing and seed planting depth, plant family, and crop rotation information.  It includes some info about companion planting and aesthetics for edible landscapes.

All that in your pocket.  For free.

The Android version of VegGarden365 is now available.  Apples take a while to grow, so the iphone version is forthcoming. 🙂

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