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Garden Planner and Journal for 2022

What do you use to plan your vegetable garden?

Up til now, I’d use a handful of documents: a calendar, my what-to-plant-when list, and some random scraps of paper to collect my garden dreams. As I browsed those luscious garden catalogs, I’d juggle all this mess on my desk — or on my lap.

Then, when I’d get around to actually planting, maaaaaybe I took notes. Or I scribbled the notes on little slips of paper, intending to transfer them to some gorgeous place later. And I never seemed to get around to it.

Not anymore.

I don’t know why I never thought of this, but why not put it all in one place? Why not put the what-to-plant-when Planner part with the garden-dreams-and-catalog-purchases Plan part? Why not fold the what-I-really-did Journal part into the same tidy package?

And, while I was at it, why not add in plant-by-the-moon dates for the year, and some notes about when to do tasks like pruning your fruit trees, and a few reminders about how to build living soil?

All together, in one neat booklet.

Or, it’s a neat booklet today. But this one is meant to get grubby! Carry it into the garden with you, with some stub of a pencil. Take your notes directly on the appropriate page. And you’ll always have it. You’ll grow as a gardener, because you’ll have those real-time observations.

Observations of what seeds you actually put in your garden. And observations (from the guided questions I give you) about what plants are maturing, what plants are harvesting, what plants are setting their seed. You’ll learn more about your year-round gardening cycle than ever before!

It’s intentionally analog, so that you don’t get lost in the digital world — so you deepen your connection to Nature in your garden.

I wanted it. I really did. So I put it together in a handy little booklet.

And I printed plenty of them so you can get one too!