Exposing the False Prophets of Transformation

Nicole Ashcoff has posted an excellent article on what comes after capitalism — or more precisely, what DOESN’T come after capitalism. She writes:  “While elite storytellers [like Ophrah Winfrey, Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook, John Mackey of Whole Foods, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation] present ideas like creative or inclusive capitalism as radical solutions

Why a “local cup of tea”?

tea_cup_with_border_blue 400I like poetry.  I delight in hidden messages and creating layers of meaning for people to discover.

When I was figuring out a name for my business guidance, I began thinking of what is currently available to (conventional) businesses:  hard-hitting, competitive edge, cut-throat, push-push-push to get ahead.  The emerging new economy isn’t like that.

The Great Turning says society is making a major shift.  And changes to business and economy are part of that.  We’re changing to simpler ways — that are wiser with respect to earth’s resources, and more sustainable with respect to the human spirit.