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Make L.A. a GMO-Free Zone

A3361-001The campaign to make L.A. a GMO-free Zone is getting lively again!

Last October, Councilmembers Koretz and O’Farrell introduced a Motion to Los Angeles City Council.  The motion would make the City of Los Angeles a 502sq mile GMO-Free Zone with regards to plants and seeds which are grown or sold here.

After the Motion was introduced, it was referred to committee for study.

This September, we are going to bring it out of committee and have it voted on by the full City Council.  That means we need to let city council know that WE WANT A GMO-FREE ZONE in the City of Los Angeles.

Here’s how you can help.

1) Get petition signatures. Download the petition (pdf) to ask L.A. City Council to make L.A. a GMO-free Zone. Ask your friends, neighbors, co-workers to sign. (petition and instructions) Do you have some time to volunteer? We need signature-gathering help at farmers’ markets and community gardens, particularly in Council districts that are not in West LA.

2) Call your Council Member.  Let him or her know that you want a GMO-free Zone in Los Angeles.  Here’s a caller script (pdf) which helps with what to say.

3) Talk it up. Spead the word on Facebook and other social media and through your network of friends. Help others understand why confining GMOs is critical to the security of our future food supply.

Thank you for everything you are doing to help us keep GMO out of our gardens, open spaces and ultimately our food.