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Global warming ACTION smartphone app

climate appWhat if there were a smartphone app that helped you adopt low-carbon lifestyles?

What if your phone reminded you with fun little tips each day … and nudged you toward greening your lifestyle and lowering your carbon footprint?

One of the hardest things about greening our lifestyles is that we need habit change.  Habit change can be hard, because – well – we’re already in the habit of doing things the old way.

So, what if we made it into a little game, that gave you points … something like scoring a “green leaf” every time you did one of the low carbon tips?

And more and more “green leaves” as you began practicing it regularly, until the tip became a habit.  And you could tell your friends about it, easily linking to social media.

Would you be interested?

I’m working on a new app that would help people shift to low-carbon lifestyles.  The working name is ClimateSolvr, because it’s all about grassroots climate solutions.

If you’re interested, leave me a note and I’ll let you know when it’s ready!
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