Art of the Edible Landscape

Welcome to my Edible Landscaping resources page – I originally created this page for some classes I taught at Otis College of Art & Design.  If you are interested in taking an in-person Edible Landscaping Design course with me, please join my mailing list. Thanks for your interest!

Section 1: Overview

Download our free app: VegGarden365.
It tells you what to plant when
in year-round growing seasons like Southern California!

Section 2: “Big Picture” Design


Vertical Gardens

Elements & Principles of Design

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Section 3: “People in the Garden”

Garden Sharing

Community Gardens

Changing ideas about community and space

Christopher Alexander / Pattern Language

  • Alexander, Christopher, A Pattern Language – exceptional resource about how to create spaces that “feel right” when people are in them.
  • Gretchen Rubin on why Alexander is important (video 2:22)
  • “Spaces for the Soul” – experience the vision of Christopher Alexander (video 28:36)

Vegetable plants

  • Michalak, Patricia, Vegetables (Rodale’s Successful Organic Gardening series, 1993)
  • VegGarden365
  • Elpel, Thomas, Botany in a Day

Other related items

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Section 4: Take a Field Trip

Video tours

Edible gardens you can visit

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Section 5: “Living Soil”

Soil testing

Living Soil & Global Warming

  • Kiss the Ground, “The Soil Story” (video 3:56) – returning carbon to the soil
  • Marin Carbon Project
  • Ohlson, Kristin, The Soil Will Save Us: How Scientists, Farmers and Foodies are healing the soil to save the planet
  • White, Courtney, Grass, Soil, Hope: A Journey through Carbon Country
  • Kaiser, Paul and Elizabeth, Sustainable Farming 2.0 audio on YouTube

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Section 6: “Water and Rainwater”

Rainwater harvesting


More water features

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Section 7: “Fruit Trees and Herbs”

Resources for designing your Canopy layer:

Learn more about trees:

Learn more about herbs:

  • De la Tour, Shatoiya, The Herbalist’s Garden: A Guided Tour of 10 Exceptional Herb Gardens
  • Hobbs, Christopher, Grow It, Heal It (book available at L.A. Public Library)
  • Marcin, Marietta, Herbal Tea Gardens (book available at L.A. Public Library)

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Section 8: “Vegetables and Crop Rotations”

Resources for designing your Understory layer:

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Section 9: “Beneficial Insects”

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