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What vegetables to plant when in Southern California

Here in Southern California, we can grow and harvest vegetables year-round.

That doesn’t mean we can harvest tomatoes every month of the year; it means different crops will grow well here in different months of the year.  The trick is knowing what to plant when.

Here in Southern California, you cannot rely on the instructions on the backs of the seed packets, nor on East Coast gardening books and magazines for guidance.  Ours is a unique growing season that demands its own custom planting schedule.

Over the years, I have  been developing a schedule of what works:

What to plant when in Southern California (pdf) – free on my pages at Podia platform

¿Qué plantas y quando? para Los Angeles (pdf español) – gratis a pagina Podia

“What to Plant When” is also a FREE web application you can use from phone, desktop, laptop or tablet

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