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    I garden on Kizh lands

    The land where I have planted gardens is located on the bluffs above the area where there once was a village called Sa’Angna (1)(6)(7). To the best of my understanding, these lands were taken from the Kizh nation (pronounced Keech)(3).…

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    Gardening with crutches update

    Today marks the 7-month anniversary of when I fell down the stairs and broke my ankle. What a journey this has been! Thanks to physical therapy (amazing!) and then doubling up on yoga classes at LiveYogaWellness, my progress climbing back…

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    Why do I care about seeds?

    A fascination with little tiny objects – that’s probably how it started. I remember collecting seeds in my mother’s garden as a child. I’d gather minuscule flat honey-tan alyssum seeds. In my pocket linings I’d hoard round red-brown glossy seeds from a special…

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    Drought-ready gardens

    We know already that it’s gonna be a long hot summer.  And (despite LA Times misleading headlines) Southern California is STILL in extreme drought conditions.  That means we’ve got to adapt our gardens. Here’s what I’m doing at mine:

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    Build your own solar cooker

    Amid a record-breaking heat wave, I’m making tonight’s dinner in my solar cooker. It saves energy (LADWP is sending out energy conservation warning emails).  And it avoids heating up my kitchen. We made these easy solar cookers years back as an…

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    Some of my favorite books

    Q: Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you? A: One of the first books I remember loving was Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White. My forever take-away was that there are many…