Are you looking for how-to books and tools for change-makers?

Abundant Harvests series

Vegetable gardening guides that are integrated into environmental and climate action.

These seven titles take a Permaculture approach to various facets of sustainable gardening, including soil, water, land, seed, container gardens and more.

Additionally, the Vegetable Crop Rotation Wheel is a garden-planning tool that makes crop rotation in your garden easy!

And the VegGarden365 app is available for free. (Android phone app or online version for iPhone, laptop, tablet, desktop)


Environmental Change-Making

How your community group can create lasting change

Co-authored by Joanne Poyourow and Peter H. Rood, Jr., this book tells the story of the first three years of the Environmental Change-Makers community group.

Together the Change-Makers built two community gardens and a community bread-and-pizza oven, mentored community groups and gardens throughout Southern California, and hosted numerous public gatherings and events.

Find out how they did it, and how you can do it too.


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