Community events in Westchester

Greywater: Legal and Not

Water.  Our gardens are aching for it.  And as toasty spring lengthens into official summertime, water needs will only increase.

Meanwhile, we’re completely overlooking a rather abundant water resource.  Greywater.  That’s water which has been used once before but doesn’t have anything nasty in it.

And since garden soil has enormous power to filter and cleanse a lot of what’s in that water, it seems like greywater and gardens should be a perfect fit.

“Not so fast” says the California Building Code, throwing a significant roadblock into our greener path.

On June 14 we’ll talk about greywater.  What’s legal?  What’s not?  And how can you make the best of it at your property?  We’ll talk about greywater soaps, and what works/doesn’t work for greywater + edible plants.

Sat Jun 14, 9am-11am
suggested donation $10

Rainwater Harvesting

Also mark your calendars for June 22, when the topic will be Rainwater Harvesting.  NOW is the best time to be planning and installing a rainwater harvesting garden, so that your garden is completed by November’s storms (we hope) and you can harvest every drop that Mother Nature decides to bring us.

Rainwater harvesting
Sun Jun 22, 2pm-5pm
hands-on workshop
suggested donation $5