Community events in Westchester

Rainwater harvesting

Rain.  We’re making the MOST of it

NOW is the best time to be planning and installing a rainwater harvesting garden. That way, your garden is completed by November’s storms (we hope) and you can harvest every drop that Mother Nature decides to bring us.

Come join us on June 22 as we add a rainwater harvesting feature at the Community Garden at Holy Nativity. We already have 4 different kinds of rainwater harvesting, but we want to put yet another downspout into good use! And you can help!

As we all work, you’ll learn about infiltration pits, swales, pipes, mulch, drought-tolerant plantings, and much more. You’ll be “up to your knees” in valuable information that you can then turn around and use at home.

Please be sure to wear clothes to get dirty, closed-toed shoes, and a sunhat.

The June 22 workshop is $5 which benefits Netiya, an organization which is building food gardens around L.A. Although some publicity gave a 2hour timeslot, and we understand if you have to leave early, the actual workshop and project will run 3 hours.

Also mark your calendars for June 14, when the topic will be Greywater. We’ll talk about what’s legal and what’s not. We’ll share tips about DIY connections, greywater soaps, and which plants go best with greywater.

Can’t join us? Pick up ECM’s booklet “Water Wisdom for high-yield gardens” written especially for L.A. food gardens!

Rainwater harvesting
Sun Jun 22, 2pm-5pm
hands-on workshop
suggested donation $5
Wear gardening clothes, and closed-toed shoes. Bring sun protection/hat, and garden gloves if you have them.

Sat Jun 14, 9am-11am
suggested donation $10