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Change is here

Here’s a blast from the past, which gave me a sense of how far we have come in manifesting The Great Turning.

Revisit with me a post I wrote back in 2014: “Change is coming – hold on tight.

Back in 2014, I was noticing how desperately society was holding onto old ways, hanging onto Joanna Macy’s Business As Usual scenario. Take a look at my post — a trip down memory-freeway, the way it used to be.

Fast forward to 2022, when 2 years of covid distortions have brought mental health to the edge of the precipice, when we’re losing democracy, when we’re losing small businesses at the same time as many people are quitting their jobs at big businesses and going out on their own, a time when The Economy (the big guys) seem to be operating on helium. A time when the wreckage of Business As Usual is so obvious that we can see it all around us.

2022, when signs of that “huge-ola, larger-than-life, encompassing-all, societal Toddler Tantrum” are all over the front page of mainstream news.

2022, when so many people (especially younger generations) are already deep within the “letting something go” part.

The Great Turning is well underway.