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Why grow native plants

Imagine all the species in the world — all the animals, birds, reptiles, insects, fungi, plants, and us too — are on an airplane. One-by-one we start taking bolts off that airplane. At some point that plane is going to fall apart, with us on it.

— paraphrased from TreePeople.org Instagram video

The loss of one particular species could be that final “bolt” that causes the “plane” to come apart.

That’s why it’s important to provide homes/habitat for the plants and critters which are native to your specific location.

TreePeople is doing this restoration work in the mountains around the L.A. basin. But the basin itself — that’s up to us, the gardeners. Our choices are important.

Rather than reaching for any “California native plant” — or hybridized derivatives of native plants — grow the plants which belonged in the spot where your land is located.

How to find them:

Want to learn more? I’ve been taking the classes of Nicholas Hummingbird — an amazing mind-shifting experience.