Welcome, 2021

New year, fresh start. Building out of the nightmare pit. So much wreckage, so much broken down around us. So much potential for rebuilding.

Rebuilding in the image of all that we yearn to see … climate action, climate justice. Social justice. A new political system, a new economic system that values people/nature/life. Saving the bees, the monarch butterflies, the polar bears. Saving the neighbor two houses over. The Great Turning is all around us.

So much potential for change-making. I won’t say “small scale change” because in this moment there is no small. It is all needed, every positive change, every hopeful moment. Plant a sunflower, that single flower brings a smile to someone = accomplishment, success, you’ve helped someone’s day.

AND you’ve offered one to the pollinators. AND you’ve done yourself a kindness by getting your fingers in the soil with all the self-care that connection brings. AND you’ve grown a piece of yourself that yearns to do more, be more, as a healing force in the world.

There is enormous power in small acts — yes, we have to start somewhere. Right now small is probably all most of us (me included) can manage. But “small” isn’t to be discounted — it contains far-reaching goodness.

What act (so-called “small,” or not) will you do today? This week? Tell me about it.