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  1. Events and Classes. Join the Environmental Change-Makers email list to get news of events, classes, and gatherings at the Community Garden at Holy Nativity in Westchester/Los Angeles. The topics run the gamut from organic gardening to Permaculture and Transition Movement to activism and sustainable lifestyles. subscribe here.
  2. Change-Making News. Joanne’s newsletter is more chatty than the “events and classes” list. Change-Making news includes events plus notifications about Joanne’s latest publications, blog posts, and other happenings in the wider community. subscribe here.
  3. Twitter. Joanne is active on Twitter and tweets about a wide range of topics. follow @ecmJoanne here.
  4. Facebook. The Environmental Change-Makers Facebook page includes ECM events as well as positive environmental news. Like the Environmental Change-Makers page here.
  5. Instagram. Get photos from the Community Garden at Holy Nativity and Joanne’s personal garden. follow @ecmJoanne here.
  6. Political action. ECM has never before been involved in much political action, however times have changed. If you wish to be notified of political things you can do pertaining to climate change and the environment (examples: contacting congressional representatives, rallies around L.A., etc.), subscribe here.

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