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Resources for my Permaculture Observation class

Permaculture is a design system that begins with “what is” and launches from that starting point into “what will become.” Rather than making a strict decision about the final outcome from the very start, the designer begins with what is already on the site.

We learn to work with Nature as our partner. We learn how to work with — rather than against — the influences to the site. How do people/animals already use this space? How do wind/sun/heat/weather affect it? What thrives here, and what isn’t thriving?

In this class, we practiced training our eyes to see — what is needed, what do we need to do next in this space. What do we need to shore up, and what should be re-worked? What is the garden asking for?

Here are some resources we mentioned during class:


Soil Building and Crop Rotation:

Free Permaculture courses:

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