Creating social change,  Teaching powerdown

Introducing the What We Can Do series

Right now we’re in a new era: There was 2019 and prior. And there is now. For many of us, these are two completely different realities.

Maybe you’ve lost your job, or had dramatic changes to your working world. Maybe you’ve lost someone dear to you, whether to covid or to something else. Maybe in covid times you haven’t been able to gather with friends to grieve. Maybe you’re feeling the loss of your social scene, parts of your community, your acquaintance friendships. Maybe, as well as going through this yourself, you’re trying to help young people navigate all of this. Maybe — after grocery shelves emptied of toilet paper, flour, and ground beef — your sense of security, of plentitude, is shattered.

Through it all, we still have big environmental problems to cope with. Global warming still needs solving, as do pollution, deforestation, species extinction. How do we carry on? How do we do change-making? How do we rebuild our resilience? How do we dust ourselves off and move forward in creating positive environmental change?

I’ll guide you through What We Can Do: We’ll start by rebuilding personal resilience. We’ll take into account the realities of life in this new era — the limits of our personal energy, our ongoing societal grief, the disjointed economic “recovery” we seem to be going through. 

We’ll dive into community-level actions which will help bring people together, and I’ll share with you my own realizations about undoing systemic racism within environmental action. We’ll cover how to help rebuild local economic resilience, which top-down solutions we should be wholeheartedly supporting, and What We Can Do as aware individuals.

Let’s look at What We Can Do right now, given what we have to work with.