Go Green – resources for small businesses

The resources below accompany the “Go Green” video course on Udemy.

Go Green: How to make a living AND help save the planet … at the same time


Where do you get serious business guidance that really understands green?

3 ways to save money by going green / Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (3Rs)

Yet another way you can save money by going greener (energy)

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Still more ways you can save money when you GO green (transp)

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A cool way to distinguish your business from your competition / Permaculture ethics (PC)

How to control your costs and spending / Cash conservation (cashconserv)

How to find time to do more great stuff / Time management (time)

  • Covey grid, Joanne’s version, pdf (Joanne Poyourow)

What’s a “good bank” and why you should care / (banking)

How to get your customers to buy the greener things you’re selling / (values)

  • Values versus Features worksheet, pdf (Joanne Poyourow)
  • No-waste wrapping for presents: infintiely-reusable furoshiki

How to get more green gigs / Community connections (connect)

  • more resources coming soon

How to market your business as green / Green marketing (marketing)


How do you tell what’s really greener? / Greener (triplecrisis)

How to be resilient for troubled times ahead / (resilient)

How to get over feeling like this is “too weird” (weird)

How to connect to green action even when you’re too busy / (news)

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How to grow a nest egg for the future / (investment)

One more big way to reduce costs / The Sharing Economy (sharing)

  • 4 Degrees of Sharing (Janelle Orsi)
  • sharing down costs (Janelle Orsi) — written for nonprofits, but the second half of the article applies just as well to small businesses
  • The Sharing Solution, Janelle Orsi

How you can take back power from the megacorporations / (suppliers)

Why borrowing money is a really bad idea right now / Financial independence (debt)

Another way to be open to more customers / (currencies)

How to create a little side business that isn’t harmful to the environment (sidebiz)

One way to be much more effective at what you do / (effective)

How to access green marketplaces / (influence)


How you can participate in the emerging new economy / (newecon)

  • The new economy puzzle diagram (Joanne Poyourow)
  • 10 Practical Tools for a Resilient Economy, Joanne Poyourow
  • What comes after money?,  Daniel Pinchbeck et al

How you can help solve social justice issues with your business / Social enterprise (SocEnt)

  • Mission Inc, Kevin Lynch and Julius Walls Jr

One thing that’s radically different about new-future businesses / (commons)

What makes you so special? / Vantage Point (vantage)

  • Live the Life you Love, Barbara Sher

How to define your deep green business concept / (concept)

  • more resources coming soon

How to make your green business idea profitable / (profitable)

How to price your green product (pricing)

  • more resources coming soon

How to find your place within the new future

  • more resources coming soon