Free Garden Info

Here are some free resources for growing vegetables, organic gardening, and sustainable gardening practices, for climates like Southern California and Los Angeles.

note: some links are to my pages on the Podia hosting platform

VegGardens365 / – What vegetables should you plant in March? When should you plant peas? It’s all here, plus info on intensive spacing, companion planting, and more. Use it through your web browser, or download the Android app. It’s FREE!

DIY Soil testing (free pdf at Podia) – here are several soil tests you can run at home, and you can mostly do them for free. Since healthy soil is at the heart of every successful garden, you need this one!

How to beat bermuda grass (pdf) – Here in So Calif, bermuda grass is one of our worst invasive weeds. here are my tips for beating it back in your garden.

Feral vegetables (pdf) – aka “Veggies gone wild!” During So Cal’s winter season it is really, really easy to plant vegetables everywhere! imagine: free food in all the crevices of the city! This list is also useful if you need really easy, super-low care plants.

Snails and slugs (pdf) – How do you solve the snails-and-slugs problem in an organic garden? this info sheet covers barrier methods, bait, garden environment, and more!

Organic pest control (blog post) – What do you do when the critters come a-munching? Tips on what to look for, and what to do.

Raised beds versus sunken beds (blog post) – Everyone talks about “raised beds”, but do we stop to consider whether they’re really appropriate for So Calif gardens? (spoiler: they probably aren’t. you can do better for free)

Drought-tolerant sustainable gardens (pdf) – here are some tips for making your garden more drought-tolerant, and introducing elements of sustainability

A quick introduction to Permaculture (blog post) – Permaculture is a design system, a way of thinking about the natural systems within your garden. Here’s where you can learn Permaculture for free.

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For more tips about growing an awesome garden, there’s lots on my blog.