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100 Dreams for a Powerdown world

In his blog today, Chris Guillebeau challenges his readers to list 100 dreams: “a completely unedited list of anything you might want to do or have more of in life. It’s like a bucket list, but most people don’t get all the way to 100 when creating a bucket list. The point is to really think about what you might like.”

Changing things up a bit, tempering it for my own topic(s):  in a world which is powering down, which needfully must powerdown and de-carbonize, what are your 100 dreams?  What might you want to do, or have more of in a powerdown life?

Here are a few questions to help you get started …

Food: What local foods do you absolutely love that you could eat more of?  What local food resources have you always “intended to” try?

Terroir:  What does your local community offer that you, personally, have never yet explored?  How many local native plants can you recognize?  Birds?

Transport: Which local bike paths, or walking paths call to you?

Learning & Growth: Within the world of Transition, what do you wish you knew more about?  Are there any workshops you’ve always yearned to take?

Gifting: If you were to wholeheartedly hop into the gift economy, what would thrill you to do or give?

Service:  What ways might you find fun and fulfilling to serve others, and serve the greater good?