Economic Resilience

What is a Transition Enterprise?

Thoughts from the UK’s REconomy project:

1) Resilience outcome

Will benefit the local community by improving its resilience or wellbeing in some way

2) Low Carbon

Minimises carbon emissions and thus contribution to climate change

3) Natural Limits

Works within the natural resource (and energy) limits of the planet, including ecosystem services. Works with suppliers that do the same.

4) Appropriate Localization

Considers viability of business model post peak oil, and level of independence from globalized corporate macro-economy and its risks.

5) Not just for personal profit

Goes beyond distributing profit to individuals, with at least some profits reinvested in the local community.

6) Community assets

Holding public or “commons” assets and wealth in trust for community benefit (can’t be sold by individuals).

7) Locally accountable

Independent and accountable to a defined constituency who are democratically involved in governance of enterprise

Originally published at LATransitionEnterprise