Seeding the new forest garden

forestgarden dec2015A forest garden is a garden of perennial plants that produce food.  It is often designed to look “forest-like,” with trees forming a canopy above, and smaller plants creating a “forest floor” effect underneath.

As part of the Westchester Community Oven project, we had always intended to try adding a food forest garden to the Community Garden at Holy Nativity.

Since the spot chosen was under an asphalt parking lot for at least 30 years, the first step was some soil remediation. Continue reading “Seeding the new forest garden”

The cob oven at RootSimple homestead

Mr Homegrown of RootSimple shared this video of their construction process.  He is part of the team, advising us as we plan how to build the cob oven at the Community Garden at Holy Nativity. Continue reading “The cob oven at RootSimple homestead”

Building a Food Forest garden – cover crops

We’re designing a Food Forest garden, to be built later this spring.  We’ll be tearing out asphalt, cleansing and rejeuvenating the soil, and recrafting the space as a community gathering area with a cob bread oven and food forest.

Today I’ve been studying cover crops and compost crops for the “rejeuvenating the soil” part.  Continue reading “Building a Food Forest garden – cover crops”